Manasquan Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

At Environmental Duct Cleaning System, we enjoy bringing cleaner indoor air to the Manasquan area with our state of the art truck. You can schedule a convenient appointment by calling (732) 928-0424

What our Manasquan customers are saying…

efficiently completed the project while protecting my recently renovated home

Great experience !! Showed up on time and efficiently completed the project while protecting my recently renovated home. Reviewed costs and procedures before job, great communication and an overall very pleasurable experience!!

Chris A.

Our Duct Cleaning Process


We will position our top rated vacuum truck close to your home, and once the hoses are connected to the truck we will bring them to your furnace(air handler). We mount our vacuum on an access port that we create in the main duct. Next, we go room to room, vent by vent, and with a separate high powered air hose, push everything through the duct toward the vacuum. With the power of our equiptment, this push/pull technique is superior to all ot her methods. Duct cleaning takes about two hours for the average home.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting


"Sick Building Syndrome" and "Building Related Illness" may be prevented by having your duct system sanitized and disinfected. The consequences of Sick Building syndrome and Buiding related illness are enormous. In the United States alone the cost for lost productivity and medical care are estimated at over $100 billion per year.